About Us
Product History

 Established in 1992, Instant Technology Co., Ltd. is committed to developing user-friendly and multi-functional consumer electronics. Throughout the 20+ years in business, we have built a well-known brand image in Taiwan with 99% brand awareness. In addition to consumers’ all-time favorite electronic dictionaries, a variety of consumer electronic products, such as car black box, digital voice recorder, power supply for computer are developed to bring more convenience and innovation consumers. Our products are designed, developed in Taiwan and manufactured in China.

   Started in October 2011, “Abee” has become our brand for car dvr/driving recorder. Our core value being bringing quality, innovation and design into consumer lifestyle, we soon gained 48% of market share in Taiwan for 1080P categories and have expanded to overseas markets. Due to our high standard for quality, our products enjoyed high brand image and reputation both at home and abroad.


 Our own Research and Development teams are dedicated to innovative projects, enabling us to offer our customers the best products. We have our manufacture partners in Dongguan, and Shanghai. Our partners are all leading manufacturers that have great deal of experience with a wide range of manufacturing techniques and can produce the product that can meet our strict standard with minimum defective rate.
 Our in house Industrial Design team is in charge of making fabulous designing ideas come true so that our products exhibit uniqueness and are very often exclusive. Efforts are put into the search for the finest quality materials. We insist on very high performance and prototypes usually go through tireless modifications and improvements until we're satisfied. Most importantly, we pay attention to the small details that make a product dsitinctive.
Consumer Lifestyle
 “Abee” is always in line with customer needs. Emphasis on technology leadership, integration of 3C communication and information as a commodity research and development objectives urge us to develop multi-functional and wide range of goods to consumers and future life. We not only create new products, but also keep improving our existing products and parts by listening closely to our customers and by taking current technological trends into account.
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